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We deal with the cold forming - pressing, bending, cutting by customer wish.


Type of machine


Press 63t

 Lift 110
 Range of machining X,Y,Z: 800×630×400

Press 63t

 Lift 115
 Range of machining X,Y,Z: 500×750×260

Press 160t

 Lift 120
 Range of machining X,Y,Z: 1000×700×360

Press 160t

 Lift 120
 Range of machining X,Y,Z: 995×700×350

Press 200t

 Lift 350
 Range of machining X,Y,Z: 1500×1000×650

Press 250t

 Lift 200
 Range of machining X,Y,Z: 1116×880×550

Press brake

 Lift 310
 Closing force (kN): 800
 Bending length (mm): 3000

Hydraulic rolling profiles

 Diameter of bending rollers (mm): 340
 Max. strength of the material (MPa): 392
 Speed of bending (m/min): 0–6

Cutting machine

 Max. sheet thickness 8–10mm
 Max. cutting material length (mm): 2000

Hydraulic cutting machine

 Max. sheet thickness 4mm
 Max. cutting material length (mm): 2000

Automatic double column Saw

 Max. cutting material diamensions (mm): 360×305
 Cutting speed: 10–100 m/min

Pipe bending machine

 5-axis bending

Contact person: 

Michal Husár

vedoucí prodejeMobil: +420 777 688 958E-mail: michal [dot] husar [at] kukal-dss [dot] cz